I’m absolutely giddy about Wonder Woman. The little girl in me who fell in love with Lynda Carter’s portrayal of the Amazon Princess is twirling with joy! (Yes, after the movie, I did a Wonder Woman twirl in the lobby just like I used to do in my living room back in the day.) This long-awaited movie made me so incredibly happy that I literally felt chills running through me as I watched my favorite superhero come to life on the big screen.

And there’s so much to love: great lines, cool action, Chris Pines’ charming turn as Steve Trevor and freaking badass AMAZONS! But the reason this movie works so damn well is due to thoughtful storytelling, the craftsmanship of Patty Jenkins directing and the superb performance of Gal Gadot.

Wonder Woman is as smart as she is naive, as funny as she is passionate and as vulnerable as she is powerful. In a word, she is wonderful…And so is this movie!

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