Movie Monday — Gretel & Hansel


We all know the fairy tale. The story has been told for centuries.

Two children wander the woods only to come upon a magical house made of cakes and sweets. Coaxed to stay by the old woman living there, the children eat their weight in goodies. But all is not what it seems, and Hansel and Gretel must outwit the witch who wants to eat them.

Gretel & Hansel follows the story, but with a few twists which I won’t spoil for you. What I will say is that director Oz Perkins (I Am the Pretty Thing That Lives in the House) has whipped up a mix of moody style and modern feminist themes to create a cool reimagining of the Brothers Grim fairy tale.

The January/February movie season can leave a lot of moviegoers lost in the woods. But Gretel & Hansel is an unpredictable horror treat that will leave you with a hunger for more.



4 thoughts on “Movie Monday — Gretel & Hansel

  1. I saw this movie – a lotta fun.

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    1. And very different. It had an almost modern vibe.


  2. Saw the trailer and wasn’t sure if I’d watch the movie. But might anyways since my youngest son has the book, saw the trailer too and wanted to see it.

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    1. Just in case you’re planning on taking kids, it is a horror movie. Not especially gory (though there are parts), but it does lean towards the disturbing. Not for kids per se.

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