Bonita’s Fangirl Flick Picks

My latest Bonita’s Fangirl Flick Picks is live on Ms. In The Biz!

Bonita G Hollywood Heroines banner.png

Sisters are doing it for themselves! From Greta Gerwig’s masterful depiction of sisters struggling to survive the Civil War while searching for their place in the world in Little Women to Daisy Ridley’s Rey — a lonely scavenger turned Jedi Knight in Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker, Hollywood’s heroines have been killing it both behind and in front of the camera. And with no less than five major blockbusters — all helmed by women — releasing this year, this fangirl is super excited…

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4 thoughts on “Bonita’s Fangirl Flick Picks

  1. The Mulan movie looks epic! Possible contender for best converted Disney animation if its as good as the trailer

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    1. I think so too. So far, it’s the only Disney animated to live action film that excites me.

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      1. While I didn’t like the trailer for Dumbo, I watched it recently and it was pretty great, probably my favourite so far but Mulan looks like it’s going to bypass it quite easily.

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      2. Dumbo ha always been a hard movie for me to watch…like Bambi. Too much kid being torn from its mother stuff. So, I skipped that one.

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