Reader Wednesday — SNEAK PEEK OF BOOK THREE!

Camilla and I are close to finishing our latest novel – BLOOD & BONES: The Werewolf Whisperer Book 3.  We’re so excited that we wanted to share a sneak peek.

Check it out…

Screen Shot 2020-03-11 at 9.19.07 AM


Love to read? Love thrilling Urban Fantasy? Then, bite into THE WEREWOLF WHISPERER. You’ll chew through this series like a hound through a milk bone.

And keep up with all the werewolf apocalypse news, subscribe today!


Camilla and I need your help. If we each reach 1,000 followers by the time we release our next book, BookBub will send out a great big email blast to let their urban fantasy fans know our book dropped!

Won’t you please take a minute,  click on our pages and give us each a follow?



For your act of kindness, we’ll reward you with a new flash fiction treat!

Reply to my blog in the comments and let me  know you’ve followed us on BookBub. I’ll send you a link to Solitary Confinement. Take a glimpse into the last hours of our MC Lucy’s stint at Folsom Prison.

BookBub Follows makes Loki ever so happy..png

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