A Star is Born…in Blood!

It’s 1918. The Great War is raging. A deadly virus spreads throughout the world. And a desperate young woman dreams of escaping her oppressive existence on the family’s failing farm for a glamorous life on the Big Screen.

And she won’t let anyone stand in her way.

We first met Pearl in Ti West’s “tasty slasher stew” X (Read my review). In that flick, she is a frail 80-something living on a run-down farm with her equally frail husband. But we soon learn that these two geriatrics are not as helpless as they seem. And Pearl’s bloodthirsty desires are not so easily quenched.

But how does a senior citizen become a psychotic Golden Girl with a flare for the gory dramatic?

Cut to, or rather, flashback to Pearl.

West’s horror film follow-up is one part The Wizard of OZ Technicolor dreamworld and one part Whatever Happened to Baby Jane? psycho-thriller. And it’s damn near perfect. From the brilliant performance by co-writer and star Mia Goth to the exquisite cinematography to the sweeping score with its nods to early 20th century Americana, Pearl chops away at our horror genre expectations and rises into the classic film stratosphere. And out of the bloody mayhem, a star is born.

Pearl is now playing in theaters.

Be sure to check your favorite streaming service to watch X.

Until next time, may the flicks be with you!


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