Dalí — Beyond Science Fiction

Hola, and Happy Reader Wednesday!

Back in July, I told you about Nectar and Ambrosia, E.M. Hamill’s “thrillingly original” urban fantasy novel. Well, I’m back with Dalí, the first book in her critically acclaimed science fiction series—The Dalí Tamareia Missions. And I’ve got to say, E.M. Hamill is fast becoming one of my favorite authors.

Dalí by E.M. Hamill

Dalí Tamareia has everything—a young family and a promising career as an Ambassador in the Sol Fed Diplomatic Corps. Dalí’s path as a peacemaker seems clear, but when their loved ones are killed in a terrorist attack, grief sends the genderfluid changeling into a spiral of self-destruction.

Fragile Sol Fed balances on the brink of war with a plundering alien race. Their skills with galactic relations are desperately needed to broker a protective alliance, but in mourning, Dalí no longer cares, seeking oblivion at the bottom of a bottle, in the arms of a faceless lover, or at the end of a knife.

The New Puritan Movement is rising to power within the government, preaching strict genetic counseling and galactic isolation to ensure survival of the endangered human race. Third gender citizens like Dalí don’t fit the mold of this perfect plan, and the NPM will stop at nothing to make their vision become reality. When Dalí stumbles into a plot threatening changelings like them, a shadow organization called the Penumbra recruits them for a rescue mission full of danger, sex, and intrigue, giving Dalí purpose again.

Risky liaisons with a charismatic pirate lord could be Dalí’s undoing—and the only way to prevent another deadly act of domestic terrorism.

When the first line of a book is “HUMAN BEINGS ARE ASSHOLES,” you know you’re in for a ride. And Dalí does not disappoint.

Part action-packed space opera, part political thriller, Dalí tells the story of a human changeling steeped in drugs and self-loathing, struggling to find purpose after the loss of their wife, husband, and unborn child.

But Dalí is more than a hair-raising adventure with galactic space aliens. It’s a profoundly personal story about freedom. Freedom to live as you are. To love as you wish. And ultimately, to exist.

I have never read a sci-fi novel that handles LGBTQ+ and gender rights as fluidly and relatable as Dalí. Deeply moving, Dalí is one of those rare stories that reaches beyond its genre to speak to every generation.

Pick up a copy of Dalí on Amazon. Or listen to the audiobook like I did on Audible.

Until next time, may the books be with you…



2 thoughts on “Dalí — Beyond Science Fiction

    1. Of course. I’m excited to read the rest of the series. 😊


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