Happy Reader Wednesday!

I just wanted to drop a quick post about a new urban fantasy release by author N.P. Martin. It’s got “semi-divine super soldiers, magic powered bad guys, and blood thirsty vampires.” Sounds like every urban fantasy lover’s dream!

The book is wide, so check it out wherever you like to buy your books.

(Shade of Magic Series)
by N.P. Martin

Zack Schade used to be an ordinary Joe, working a job he hated, living alone with his cat, and secretly in love with his best friend Amy… and don’t even mention his dead goldfish.

But all that changed when a vampire with an attitude problem and a snappy wardrobe killed him.

As the saying goes though, death is just the beginning… especially if you sign a contract in blood with a demon. Now, Zach’s eyes have been opened to the previously hidden world of Mysteria, an alternate dimension of magic and mystery. But what the demon forgot to mention was that Mysteria is also prone to dangerous mayhem… much like magic itself, as Zack is finding out to his cost.

With the ruthless Eliminators hot on his heels and out to well… eliminate him, Zack must find a way to get to grips with his newfound magic powers and the crazy world of Mysteria. All while saving his best friend from the psychopathic vampire who took her.

And if he doesn’t get eliminated or torn apart first, Zack might also get his soul back from the demon he signed it away to… if he can ever find him.

Semi-divine super soldiers, magic powered bad guys, demons and blood-thirsty vampires—just another day in the Tri-Worlds apparently.


Until next time, may the books be with you!



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