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Welcome to the werewolf apocalypse…

Hope you’re locked and loaded!

“THE WEREWOLF WHISPERER takes the lycanthrope legend to the OPPOSITE of obedience school. The result is a feral genre mix breed that will maul your expectations as if it were a McRib sandwich” – Goodreads Review

New Bk 1 Floating Cover 3D

Ferocious Werewolf Virus Hits L.A.

Werebeasts Rampage Through The Streets.

The City’s In Chaos.

Nobody’s Safe

Enter Lucy Lowell, TheWerewolf Whisperer.
Some call her savior.
Some call her bitch.
Xochi Magaña just calls her, FRIEND.

Together they kick Werebutt.
They thought there’d be no stopping them.
They didn’t know the half of it.


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Alpha Omega 3-D floating cover

A mysterious werewolf virus.

Two badass women.

And a ’66 Olds Toronado.

Lucy and Xochi thought they’d seen the worst of the werewolf apocalypse. Turns out, team Werewolf Whisperer hasn’t seen anything yet.

As Lucy’s uncanny ability to control the Were population takes an unexpected turn, she’s thrust into an unfamiliar world that’s more vivid, more alive and scarier than she’s ever known.

At the same time, Xochi’s world has just turned upside down…again. And she’s freaking out. The more she learns about Lucy’s history, the more isolated she feels.

For the first time, the two friends find themselves on different roads — just as a new evil surfaces. Now, the women must put aside their differences to once again save society from itself.

Wanted, disgraced, and set-up, Lucy and Xochi hurtle toward a confrontation that will shatter everything they thought they knew.


US   UK   AU   CA



Follow Lucy and Xochi on their highway to hell in…

BN 3-D cover

Snarling Santa’s Yuletide Roar ✔️

Furry Feral Christmas elves ✔️

Merry Magnum wrapped with care ✔️

It is a time of fragile peace. Lucy Lowell and Xochitl Magaña’s Were rescue, rehabilitation (and removal) road trip up and down California has turned them into a badass, slammin’ team of gun-slinging Were wranglers. Skills honed, fame licking at their boots, the women have no idea that in the City by the Bay things are about to get hairy….

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BOOH 3-D cover

The Werewolf Whisperer team of Lucy Lowell and Xochitl Magaña is unexpectedly hired by gun-toting Granny to save her Werebeast granddaughter. Caught between a pair of star-crossed lovers and a gang of biker Weres hell-bent on destruction, Lucy and Xochi are forced to make a terrible choice — save the humans or save the Beasts.

In a dark twist that snaps our girls’ brittle hold on the werewolf apocalypse, Lucy and Xochi find themselves alone on the road of no return.

Warning: This is not your grandma’s werewolf tale.

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NB 3-D cover

The course of true friendship never did run smooth.

At the dawning of the werewolf apocalypse, newly paroled Lucy Lowell finds herself homeless and alone. Enter Xochitl Magaña, who seems to have all the answers.

But before they can even finish their ale, the two women are thrust into a Ren Faire Were melee. Caught between succulent pigs flying and swords slashing, the newly-forged Werewolf Whisperer team is forced to make a heartbreaking decision — to kill or not to kill.

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“It all ends not with a whimper but a howl!”

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