The Werewolf Whisperer 4th Annual Stocking Stuffer Extravaganza

¡Hola, my fellow book addicts!

Hang on to your wrapping paper because it’s the 4th annual BEASTY BITES Stocking Stuffer Extravaganza!

We at Werewolf Whisperer HQ are delighted to share this tasty selection of Fantasy, Urban Fantasy, Sci-fi, and Paranormal Romance for you and the book lovers in your life.

And since there are so many incredible reads in this year’s newsletter, I’m going to tease just a few.

Starting with…

Now through December 17th

Add some lycanthrope high jinks to your holidays,
or give the gift of a merry shifter apocalypse to the Urban Fantasy lover in your life.

Lose yourself in a werewolf wonderland. 

Lucy Lowell and Xochitl Magaña’s Were rescue, rehabilitation (and removal) road trip up and down California has turned them into a badass, slammin’ team of gun-slinging Were-wranglers. 

Skills honed, fame licking at their boots, Lucy and Xochi are about to learn that actions — even the most well-intentioned — have consequences, especially when you routinely put your tail on the line.

When your enemies have you by the DNA, your only choice is to EVOLVE or DIE.

Welcome to the werewolf apocalypse. Hope you’re locked and loaded.

by Jason Dorough

The Great Akithar is the most famous stage magician in a realm where real magic is outlawed. Over the past decade, Akithar and his troupe have built a reputation–and a home–in the dense coastal city of Klubridge. Every night, he thrills audiences with his controversial performances. Backstage, Akithar hides a secret more dangerous than any of his engineered illusions.
Far inland, an ancient and mysterious tyrant dispatches an elite band of mage hunters to crush magical insurrection. When their hunt brings them to Klubridge, they suspect that Akithar’s magic might be more than mere stage trickery. Akithar and his company will have to rely on a cunning heist, desperate improvisation, and the art of deception to save their theater and even their very lives.

by Beth Worsdell

A mother’s love will save her family. Her determination will save humanity. Her power will save the universe.

Melanie had everything. Four wonderful children. A loving husband. A good life. Until Earth died.

Mel remembers none of it. Not even the apocalypse. Five years later, Mel wakes up in an otherworldly room and learns that angelic beings are using her as part of their plan to save Earth.

Thrust into a world of ancient races and alien wars, Mel soon yearns to join the battle over Earth. But that means putting her husband and children in danger.

Mel, a wife, and mom must discover her courage, power, and destiny if she hopes to rescue Earth from the evil alien invaders determined to destroy everything and everyone she loves.

by Selene Kallan


Vampiress Valentine’s dull immortal life takes a thrilling, dangerous turn when she meets Axel—a beautiful, lethal fae whose first impulse is to stake first and ask questions later. Vampires and fae have been at war for millennia.

But cat mama Valentine is a puzzle to Axel. And Valentine is just as intrigued by the nerdy fae.
The unlikely pair form a frail alliance that forges into friendship after a fateful night where they make new powerful enemies.

But will their blossoming, forbidden attraction survive the battle against their foes and inner demons?

The first installment of the Bonded by Blood and Magic series.

And whether you’ve been naughty or nice, we have a very special gift just for you…

Listen to the audiobook BEAST NAVIDAD – The Werewolf Whisperer holiday novella for free.
Performed by Nicol Zanzarella

Just click on the pic to get your gift and remember to check out the other fabulous books.

Fill your holiday stockings with even more thrilling reads!

¡Feliz Navidad y Próspero Año Nuevo!

Happy Holidays, and may the books be with you!



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